Thursday, April 19, 2012

The All Souls Friday Soup Kitchen

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All Souls Church (lower level), corner East 80th Street and Lexington Avenue, New York, NY, every Friday at noon, holidays included. All welcome.

March 2014

Since 1977 we have offered a nourishing free lunch, including seconds and take-out, to an ever-growing number of hungry people in our community. We serve every Friday of the year, even including holidays when they fall on a Friday. Our aim is to provide not just food and drink but an experience that is a humanizing experience.

We provide table service in a sit-down setting with live musical accompaniment. In 2012 we served over 19,000 meals. On most Fridays we feed over 250 people over 400 meals.

Almuerzo caliente gratis. All Souls Church (nivel inferior), esquina East 80th Street y Lexington Avenue, Nueva York, Nueva York, todos los viernes al mediodía, festivos incluidos. Todos serán bienvenidos.

In a video interview with NY1 (see below) our former Director had this to say about our guests:

"... they actually live somewhere but they don't always have enough money to pay for food."

Volunteers are always welcome; once a year, once a quarter, once a month or (and especially) once a week. Join our regular crew and see how much fun doing good work can be. See the Volunteer page.

And so are donations. For an indication of how severe the challenge of hunger in New York City is please visit this page.

You can always reach us via the Contact page. You can also share any of the information on this website using the Share icons at the bottom of each page. Thank you.